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MAY 8TH, 2018

Season 1 Episode 8 – Charting the Enneagram with Lenore C. Perrott, M.S.

Ken and Hillary take a spot on Lennie’s couch to talk marriage counseling, the enneagram, and dream interpretation. Lennie received her M.S. in Counseling (Villanova University, 1984) and has pursued doctoral studies at Immaculata College.  She completed advanced studies in Jungian psychology at the C. G. Jung Institute in Philadelphia and is a certified Imago Relationship therapist and an Enneagram trained therapist. Since 1987 Lennie has been a consultant to several religious denominations in the area of marriage enrichment where she brings an eclectic approach to issues of marriage and family life.

MAY 4TH, 2018

Season 1 Episode 7 – The Sociology of Hip-Hop with Andrew McIntosh

Hillary and Ken are joined by sociology professor Andrew McIntosh to discuss the growing field of academic study of Hip-Hop. Andrew is an old friend and this is a very lively, freewheeling discussion!

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Sermons & Articles

On Eggs and Tombs

“Confession??? We’re not going to have to do that here, are we? That kind of stuff is why I left the Catholic Church!” This comment greeted me after I preached a sermon on the importance of reconciliation and confession…
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That’s What it’s All About

featuring Hillary Raining and Scott Stoner
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Epistle to
President Elect Trump

The Following Letter was preached as a sermon on 11/13/16

Dear President Elect Trump,
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Hillary Raining and I am a wife, mother, and Episcopal priest who has the great joy of serving my beloved congregation St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in Gladwyne, PA. We are a church on a mission to life people up as Christ calls…
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