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Join Amy Nobles Dolan and fellow seekers as we explore finding the spiritual in even the most mundane activities of everyday life. 


This class is inspired by the teachings of Brother Lawrence, a 17th century monk famous for drawing his prayer life into every aspect of his life, even (especially!) kitchen-duty at his monastery. These three 60-minute classes, each a true mix of teaching and discussion, will be held by Zoom on Sunday afternoons in Advent. 


Recordings of the sessions will be available to members of The Hive's Membership Community (see below) should you want to revisit the material or simply need to miss a class.

Class Replays

A picture of dishes

Class 1


When we try to form a prayer practice, we get rebellious. How do we overcome this feeling and create something that's going to sustain itself and bring us continual nourishment?

A woman distracted on her phone instead of praying with her Bible

Class 2


When praying and practicing mindfulness, what should we do with the frustration of distraction? And at the end of the day, what actually constitutes "prayer?"

A woman making her bed

Class 3

Persistence Plus Practice

Now that we understand our challenges with the feeling of rebellion and the reality of distraction, how do we actually develop a habit of regular prayer and mindfulness?

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