Practices and rituals to help guard your well being. In the beehive, the guards protect the entrance of the hive to make sure only goodness and sustenance can enter. These practices will help you guard your body, mind and soul.

This January, join us at The Hive as we spend a month resting and renewing in celebration of the New Year.  Many choose to use this as a time to take on resolutions (and no shame if you’re doing that this year!), but another way to celebrate the new year is through not adding things on, but letting some things fall away.  When we let some of the excess of our lives fall away—whether it be from our schedules, our expenses, or our heavy hearts—we receive something that in our day and age might feel truly miraculous: space in our lives that we can allow to be pregnant with wonder.  Giving yourself the chance to rest and renew is an act of grace; it is an act of grace, because it requires us to put our trust not in our own strength, but in a greater love that will guide us through those pregnant spaces in our lives.  When we let some things fall away, we’re given the peace of a vacuum that can be filled with that very newness and sense of renewal that the new year brings.  


So this year, whether you’re taking on some resolutions or still baffled that we are even talking about the impeding new year, join us as we discuss doing the difficult and important work of letting some things fall away.  Enjoy reflections shared every Friday in January, in which you’ll be given a new way to think about what it means to let the old fall away, and to behold the newness that is coming.

Pilgrim Travel Tips

Just returned from the Holy Land and wanted to share some wellness tips for traveling. Anyone on a spiritual journey will want to make sure they are in top physical, mental, and spiritual shape so they can reap the full benefits, and not be in their hotel rooms sick in bed.

Tips include: how to maintain your exercise regiment, natural disinfectants, meditation practice, and tools to support your immunity. I share some great ideas to keep your health optimal so you can enjoy your trip and be present during your journey; especially if you’re traveling to the Holy Land!

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: the Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining is not a trained physician and individuals should consult with their doctor before using any of the items recommended.

Holy Week 2018

Watch all the Holy Week services at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in Gladwyne, Pa.



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