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Hive Camp 2018

August 13 – 19

Hive Camp will be a way to enjoy an at-home summer camp experience!

So many families come to the end of summer and find their options for community for the younger bees in their hive have run out. Join along with this at-home Hive Summer camp created by kids-for kids!

The camp will provide a whole week’s worth of fun and spiritual suggestions, DIY patches, and LIVE online videos to help foster community.

Join us for the first ever Hive Camp!

**Best suited for Busy Bees from 4-8 grade. (Other age groups to follow next session)**

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I work in a school, and school shootings keep happening…

by: Chaplain Michelle Bullock

In early February, the Church celebrated “The Feast of the Presentation.” This is a day when we remember baby Jesus being brought to the temple by his family to be dedicated to God.

When was brought to the temple, he met two older people: a man named Simeon and a woman named Anna, a prophet and a prophetess. Both had been waiting for a savior for a very long time. Both recognized Jesus as that savior right away. You can imagine Simeon and Anna asking to hold Jesus…and Mary, cautiously giving them the baby, saying, “be careful.” Simeon goes on to bless Jesus and say things about the baby that amaze even Mary and Joseph—the same Mary and Joseph who had seen angels and who had already trusted God so much. When Anna comes to the family, she too, takes Jesus and talks about how wonderful he is and will be to anyone who will listen. (This story may be found in Luke 2:22-40.)

Schools and families have the same kind of cautious, trusting relationship.

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“Who are you wearing??!!”

This a question that every glamorously dressed movie star has lobbed at them as she walks down the red carpet. The question denotes a sense of status and prestige — is the star important enough to be dressed by a world famous designer? With labels and looks dictating many of the unspoken messages of power and respect in our society it’s no wonder that the question, “who are you wearing?” takes on such importance. But how would you answer if someone asked you that question?

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Article published in “Fidelia’s Magazine” the publication of the Young Clergy Women Project, 2016

One of the earliest moments of me ever captured on film is a photograph of me and my father tending to his bee hives. In the photo, my father (who must have been about the age I am currently) is decked out in his full bee-keeping suit—long leather gloves, netting that covered his whole body, and the all-important beekeeper’s veil— that kept the agitated bees who assume, rightfully, that he was there to take their honey, from stinging him. I, on the other hand, am about three years old, in a light t-shirt, and the only protection I seem to have had is the hand-held smoke pot that kept the bees calm by simulating a forest-fire.

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