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Women of the Hebrew Testament

This intriguing series investigates some of the most influential--yet often neglected--people in the Bible. Each session takes a deeply theological look at the powerful witness that these complex women have given us through the years.


You many never look at them the same again! 

Image of a statue of Eve

Class 1 - Eve

What have we misunderstood about Eve?

Illustration of Abraham, Sarah, & Hagar

Class 2 - Sarah & Hagar

What don't we understand about Sarah & Hagar?

Photo of Tamar and her midwife

Class 3 - Tamar & Midwife

What do we know about the story of Tamar and her midwife?

Picture of a group of biblical women talking

Class 4 - The Matriarchs

This week we discuss a large group of women called, "The Matriarchs."

Picture of a biblical woman standing in the water

Class 5 - Miriam

Prophecy, instruments of joy, and resentment with this powerful prophet, Miriam.

Image of a biblical woman

Class 6 - Rahab

Sex work in the scripture, justice, and how we decide when to lie.

Drawing of the story of Jephthah from Genesis

Class 7 - Women of Judges

This week we look at Deborah, Jael, & Jepthah's Daughter

Illustration of Ruth gleaning in boaz's field

Class 8 - The Women of Ruth

This week we look at Ruth, Orpah, & Naomi.

Illustration of Hannah and King David

Class 9 - Women of the Court of David

Trigger Warning! Sexual assault, rape, and incest.

Illustration of Jezebel

Final Class - Queens & Wisdom

Discussing Jezebel, Ester, Foolishness, Lady Wisdom, and a Capable Wife.

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