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Healing Jephthah's Daughters

Healing the Wounds of the Father-Daughter Relationship


Based on the narrative in Judges 11, this four-week course is designed to help women specifically (and adult children broadly) explore and begin to heal from wounds that are a result of unhealthy relationships with their fathers.  It will use story telling, family systems theory, exercises and prompts to help individuals reflect on and explore how their childhood experiences inform and shape the current beliefs and behaviors and how they can move towards freedom, healing, and wholeness.

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The Rev. Dr. Lisa Weaver

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The Reverend Dr. Lisa M. Weaver, a native New Yorker, is assistant professor of worship at Columbia Theological Seminary, in Decatur, Georgia. The focus of her research and teaching is also her life’s passion: the worship life of the Christian church. The fruit of her research and teaching in this area is employed far beyond the classroom. Outside of Columbia Theological Seminary, Dr. Weaver serves as a board member on the worship grants advisory board for Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, serves as a member of an ecumenical and interdisciplinary consultation for Ecumenical Protocols for In Person Worship, and works as a liturgical consultant. As a liturgical consultant, Dr. Weaver assists worshiping communities and church leaders “in serving this present age” by helping them to reimagine worship in more theological and inclusive ways. In this capacity, she also works with churches to examine and analyze their worship practices and makes theological and pedagogical recommendations for strengthening those practices. The convergence of Dr. Weaver’s liturgical expertise and her deep love and appreciation for church music were well employed when she served as a theological consultant on the hymnal One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism: An African American Ecumenical Hymnal and in her three essays found in Singing Our Savior’s Story: A Congregational Song Supplement for the Christian Year, Hymn Texts since 1990 (GIA Publications). 

Dr. Weaver also does specialized ministry in the area of father-daughter relationships. This ministry work is called Healing Jephthahs’ Daughters: Healing the Wounds of the FatherDaughter Relationship. In this work, she journeys with women in exploring the landscape and the effects of unhealthy paternal relationships and guides and supports them as they move towards freedom, healing, and wholeness. (

Dr. Weaver was nurtured in the Christian faith and the Gospel ministry at Trinity Baptist Church in the Bronx, New York, by the late Pastor Nathaniel Tyler-Lloyd. After his death, she served as assistant pastor under Pastor Naomi Tyler-Lloyd. During her 24-year  2 tenure at Trinity Baptist Church, Dr. Weaver served as dean of the Trinity Bible Institute, advisor to and Sunday school teacher for the Deaf Awareness ministry, a choir member, a Sunday school teacher, Bible instructor for the stewardship ministry, and the discipleship (catechetical) instructor for new members. 

 Dr. Weaver has earned a bachelor of arts and masters degrees from Bernard M. Baruch College C.U.N.Y., Columbia University Teachers College, Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York, and a doctor of philosophy degree from The Catholic University of America. Ministry has taken Dr. Weaver beyond the boundaries of the United States. Internationally, she has served as a preacher, teacher, seminar convener, seminar and workshop leader, Bible study leader, panelist, and most recently as a member of a liturgy consultation team. She is grateful to have traveled to and done ministry in Ghana, South Africa, Beijing, Hong Kong, Brazil, and several other countries.

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