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Throughout Lent, join The Rev. Erin Jean Warde as she offers reflections and leads conversations on sobriety and the spiritual life.  Throughout the series, she will share from her own life, and also share articles, videos, or quotes from others, to help us think creatively about sobriety, with special emphasis on how this affects a life of faith.  Over the course of this season, she will cover a range of topics, but the conversation will revolve around the themes of Lent and how they might show up specifically in the sober life. This isn't a conversation just for those who are sober or sober-curious; it's for anyone who is interested in learning more about different ways to think about sobriety and faith, and for anyone curious about how they can support sober people in their lives.  As no one person can share about the fullness of the sober experience, it's important to note that this is just one person's experience of sobriety and spirituality.

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The Rev. Erin Jean Warde is an Episcopal priest working for Tempest Sobriety School as a Teaching Assistant.  In the past, she served for 7.5 years in parish ministry in a variety of contexts. She is a writer and she serves as the Lifestyle & Humor editor at Earth & Altar and she is a member of The Hive community.


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