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A big thank you to the United Thank Offering!

The Hive's 2021 website update and new Membership Community comes as a direct result of a grant awarded from the United Thank Offering (UTO). We are deeply thankful.

A great way to further support the efforts of the Hive and all that UTO helps to fund is by directly contributing to this great organization. You can do so by clicking the donate button below.

Based on the model of community and growth of the hive of the honey bee (an ancient metaphor for the church), The Hive is a wellness and spirituality website that supports progressive Christian and spiritual people to grow in their faith and wellness to help them in their efforts to change the world.

This ministry started as a result of an intense meditation session by founder, the Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining from St. Christopher's Church in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, and is supported by its Membership Community members, Patreon members, and grants.

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