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Skylarking: Playing with Art Practices During Lent

Now Available

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Class Instructor: Ellyn Siftar

For the forty days of Lent, come be frivolous with art!

Follow along with instructional videos pairing art

practices with daily meditations.

Included in the video will be optional additional scripture

readings and music to listen to while you are skylarking.

Members get this class as part of their subscription.


Faith with a Twist - the Masterclass

Weeks 1-4  Now Available

The long awaited  Faith with a Twist - The Masterclass is here!


In Hillary and Amy's popular book, these two best friends sought to blend the ancient Church’s wisdom and the spiritual practice of yoga. People loved their approach and requested more to take their practice further! So, the masterclass was born! 

Faith with a Twist - The Masterclass has incredible wisdom to help you grow in your relationship with The Holy Spirit--body, mind, and soul.


Following the pattern of the original book, this class will bring you: 

  • Prayers and practices for each day in this 40 day journey.

  • All new yoga videos for every week tackling important themes of healing connected with the body   

  • Suggestions on how this series could be used to compliment different liturgical seasons like Lent 

  • New philosophy video that cover the entire 8-limbs of yoga 

  • Sunday Sabbath opportunities 

  • Supplemental materials to take this offering even further

This course is FREE for the Hive's Membership Community!

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This amazing class might be for you if: 

  • You are interested in starting a yoga practice and would like a 40 day supportive journey. 

  • You already have an established yoga practice and want to take it deeper. 

  • You are interested in ancient philosophy that helps take spiritual teachings off the mat into the world. 

  • If you are entering a new spiritual phase of your life or a liturgical season and want tools to support your transition.

  • You are in need of spiritual and physical healing. 

  • You are new to yoga and you’d like to try a program that will give you what you need as a beginner.


Ignatian Spiritual Exercises During Lent


Starting Sunday, February 21st

Class Instructor: Amy Nobles Dolan

Amy is back following her very popular Advent series!

For the six Sundays of Lent, spiritual director, Amy Nobles Dolan, will offer a series of one-hour prayer experiences.

This series is a Lenten mini retreat exploring the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.

The Spiritual Exercises were created by St. Ignatius of Loyola to help people draw closer to God in their everyday lives. These six contemplative experiences are designed to open your eyes and heart to see God in everything and everyone. All that is needed to participate is a curious heart and an interest in exploring new ways to connect your faith to your daily life.

These participatory experiences are an invitation into a deeper experience of the all-encompassing love of God during a liturgical season with just this intention. In fact, if you desire, the practices we do together can be repeated daily as your Lenten discipline.

All materials for each session will be provided.


SIT: A Class on Meditation

Now Available

Do you know how to sit?

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced meditation practitioner, this class is for you. Here you'll learn how to start and sustain a meditation practice with helpful tips and tricks and as you're taken through a classic book on meditation by Anthony DeMello, a great spiritual master of our time. You'll then be invited to participate in a 40-day meditation practice with an optional group call to check-in and get your questions answered.

Members get this class as part of their subscription. Interested? Try out Module 7: Yoga Nidra for free below.

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Free Yoga Nidra Meditation


How can we pray when we're hurting?

How can we come before God with our raw, honest emotions?

How can we wrap all of the feelings swirling around in our big hearts into prayer?...

And when we're ready, how do we move into gratitude and joy in a deep way as well?


This 3-Part Workshop answers these questions and more. 


    By Rebecca Wicker

    Deepen your prayer practice with this 10 video course replay previously offered on the Hive in September 2019.


    By Rebecca Wicker

    Learn about this 500 year-old intentional reflection practice.


    By the Rev. Carrie Schofield-Broadbent

    This helpful PDF will give you ideas to better comfort and hold space for friends who are grieving during the holidays.


    By Carrie Schofield-Broadbent

    We asked members of the Hive community to share an image that captures their own movement towards discomfort.


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