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Greetings Busy Bees!

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Before the creation of the Hive, I was looking for a place that could speak to deep and meaningful topics in a way that fostered conversation and community. I found a lot of great stuff—wellness blogs, lifestyle gurus, theological research— but nothing that blended it all together. So, I do what I always do when I get stuck—I meditated and waited. 

One such session ended with a bolt of inspiration and “The Hive” was formed! Based on a model of community and support found in the hive of the honey bee, this wellness and spirituality website is for you in your quest to change the world!

Grace and Peace

Stages of a Bee’s Life-Cycle

The bee is an ancient symbol of wisdom, since it gathers nector from sources far and wide and transforms it into something new, delicious, and sustaining. They are also wise because of all the roles they play within their community. Over a bee’s life time, she (after-all, most of the bees in the colony are female) will learn and execute every job there is to do in the hive—all in service to their Queen and their sisters. That should sound very familiar to those of us who seek to live wholistic and spiritual lives. The quest for wisdom that helps to better our communities in service to God and others is exactly how we try to live. The sections below will help you in all your varied roles as you live out your busy bee life!

The Worker

Practices to help you gather the sweet nectar of life while you are busy being a busy bee!

The Nursery

Practices to help your hive live in harmony.

The Scout

Practices to shape the world through your sweet spirit.

The Cross-Pollinators

Gender and LGBTQIA conversations with your Hive Tribe.

The Guard

Practices and rituals to help guard your well being

The Attendant

Spiritual practices to help you tune in to the Queen.

The Bee Keepers

Tools to train from your own hive.

The Honey Pot

The place to find something sweet!

Artist in Residence

Watching Wonderfully Messy Creativity at Work

The Swarm

Gathering together to fly from the hive and change the world!

The Apiary

The place to swarm together for learning, wisdom, and fellowship.

The Buzz

All the news that’s fit to buzz about!


Recommendations to take your flight further.

Welcome to the Hive!

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