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The Open Palm

Exploring the Ancient Spiritual Tool of Fasting

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Message from Creator, Hillary Raining


Welcome to the home for wellness, spirituality, and growth!

Before the creation of the Hive, I was looking for a place that could speak to deep and meaningful topics in a way that fostered conversation and community. I found a lot of great stuff—wellness blogs, lifestyle gurus, theological research— but nothing that blended it all together. So, I do what I always do when I get stuck... I meditated and waited. 

One such session ended with a bolt of inspiration and “The Hive” was formed! Based on a model of community and support found in the hive of the honey bee, this wellness and spirituality website is for you in your quest to change the world!


Watch my welcome video and feel free to explore around our honeycomb below. You'll find plenty of free classes, blog posts, and other resources here. Asa way to keep our efforts sustainable, we also offer a paid membership to access additional content on the website. 


Very happy you are here!