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Wednesday, February 17th - Saturday, April 3rd

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Class Instructor: Ellyn Siftar

For the forty days of Lent, come be frivolous with art!

Follow along with instructional videos pairing art practices with daily meditations.

Included in the video will be optional additional scripture readings and music to listen to while you are skylarking.

What will the series provide?


- Daily art prompts

-  Several "how to" videos to help you get started with the materials, leaving daily practices open-ended, for you to use as you choose.

- A suggested playlist for listening while you skylark

- Additional, optional reading materials for going deeper into art practices and spirituality.

Subscription members of the Hive will receive this class as part of their subscription.

Not a member but want to try out the course and all the benefits of the Hive's membership?
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