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A new course that will give you the theology, tools, and inspiration you need to turn your “time of the month” into a holy and sacred period.

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Every month was divided into a part of the month that was fine and the part of the month when I was anxious, exhausted, and in a lot of pain. Then I decided I was not willing to spend so much of my life despising that large part of myself. It wasn’t until I was able to form a prayerful relationship with my cycle that I find now that I (gasp!) love my period. Seriously. It’s the time of the month when I feel most connected to God. 

And yet, it is a rarity to have religions ever mention periods--outside of shaming women for having a menstrual cycle.

This class is here to change that. A monthly cycle that can guide us month after month, and year after year, can be seen as a gift when harnessed as a spiritual practice. This class will give you the theology, tools, and inspiration to turn your “time of the month” into a holy and sacred period.*

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Who would benefit from this course?

As we read in Galatians 3:28 ”There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." One of the deepest spiritual teachings in Christianity is the embodied nature of God taking human form. That means all bodies are sacred to God and are united in the Body of Christ. As such, we believe that all are welcome to take this course. This course will be especially helpful for those who:

  • Identify as women. This includes women who identify as straight, LGBTQA, Trans, or identify as non-binary 

  • People who are currently using birth control including hormonal contraction such as the pill. 

  • People who are not using birth control 

  • Those we are peri-menopausal, menopausal, or post-menopausal. If you no longer bleed or have irregular periods, we recommend following the lunar cycle as people have done for centuries. 

  • Anyone who has issues with fertility, painful periods, and exhausting periods. These classes will not offer medical advice for treatment*, but can offer guidance to help reduce the spiritual anguish that these conditions can create. 

  • People who identify as men who would like to learn a deeper understanding about the feminine way of incarnation. 

  • Parents who would like to guide their children with a different narrative about periods than the society and religion often gives. 

  • Anyone who wants to strengthen their prayer life, relationship to their body, and connection with God. 

  • People of all faiths. Although this class will be taught though a Christian lens, people who are looking to find deeper spiritual connection with their body, mind, and spirit, will find that the tools offered in this class are translatable across faith traditions. This class is not about conversion but about transformation.

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What will the course look like?

This Master Class is offered in a way that you can study and implement these practices in the comfort of your home and on your own time. Some videos are pre-recorded and will be available on the website each week, others will be held via Zoom (see below for dates) with replays posted later. Hillary will lead each session combining theology, science, yogic and indigenous wisdom, and spiritual practices to help you craft a rhythm of life that will be sustaining and enriching. This master class will include: 

  • Video classes that include practices and teachings for every portion of the menstrual cycle: 

    • Introduction: Historical, Theological, & Ritual Views 

    • Overview of the Liturgical Period Calendar & How to Form Your Sacred Period 

    • Follicular/Easter Stage

    • Ovulation/Pentecost Stage

    • Luteal/Advent Stage

    • Menstrual/Detox/Kenosis/Holy Week

  • Supplemental videos with yogic routines that support different phases of your sacred period:

    • Meditation for a Restless Mind

    • Transforming Creative Energy 

    • Sweaty Yoga for Anxiety

    • Restorative Yoga 

  • Resource lists that include:

    • Book & article recommendations

    • A curated video resource list 

    • Supplement recommendations

    • Recommendations for ecological conscious period supplies 

    • The best foods to help support your phases with recipes 

    • Setting up your altar

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When will the classes be available?

May 2nd

May 9th

May 16th

May 23rd

May 30th

June 6th

June 13 (Hive Live Community Check In)

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