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Moving Towards Discomfort

From contributor Carrie Schofield-Broadbent:

“A few months ago in the midst of a conversation about backpacking and camping, I was marveling at my friend’s bravery in going on an extreme backpacking trip and she answered,

“I’m trying to move towards my discomfort.”

That phrase captured my imagination in a way that both inspired me and scared me a bit — which is often how I feel when the Spirit nudges me in a new direction. I asked my friend, Alissa, where the idea of moving toward discomfort came from. She pointed to a conversation between comedians Jon Stewart and Hasan Minhaj, when the veteran comic imparted this wisdom to Minhaj:

‘Move toward your discomfort and talk about things that people aren’t willing to talk about and do the show you feel needs to be done,'” Minhaj explains. “That’s all we’re trying to do.”

We asked members of the Hive community to share an image that captures their own move towards discomfort, and with it a narrative (100 words or less) about that experience. We were especially interested in the shift between how people understood themselves (or others) before and how they saw themselves (or others) after.

How does growth happen when we intentionally choose to move toward our discomfort?

I’m not talking about uncomfortable situations that just come to us that we have no choice in — like a major surgery, a car accident, or weathering a literal storm — but rather in times that we choose something – freely – that pushes us toward our personal discomforts.


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