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You might find me sipping hot chocolate at Cafe Beignet on Royal Street, pants covered  in powdered sugar, while writing about what I see in the French Quarter. I might be  sitting on a bench in Jackson Square with my sketchbook drawing St. Louis Cathedral, or standing on a streetcar heading to the Garden District waiting to wander around  Lafayette Cemetery and the local neighborhoods exploring with my camera. I may be  out with my husband perusing local flea markets and antique stores for some unique finds to add to our quaint bohemian cottage in the woods of the northshore of Louisiana. But most times I am sitting on the old wicker swing of my lazy southern  porch tending to my plants, a hot cup of lemon mint tea in hand, a cat on my lap, a  basset hound at my feet, and reading a good book. 

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The Woman and the Cave
Project Introduction

It all started with a vision. I believe we are all given visions at various points in our  lifetime, we just have to be open enough to really see them within our souls. This is not  the first vision I’ve had, nor will it be the last. Visions don’t come when we want them to,  when we ask for them, or even if we plan for it. Visions come when God wants, when  God believes us ready to witness, and when God truly calls each of us individually and in  a way that we might comprehend. Some people are attuned to this call, some people are  waiting for it, and some haven’t seen what’s been before them this whole time.


My hope for this Lenten Journey is that it will provide you with some tools to better  understand your own visions, your own call, and maybe even help you recognize what’s  been right in front of YOU this whole time. Sometimes we just need a little inspiration, a  little creative help, and a little dash (or a lot!) of the Holy Spirit to get us moving. You  don’t have to be an artist, a writer, or even a creative-minded person to use this toolkit,  this is meant for everyone, no matter your skills or area of interest. So, get that all that  self-doubt out of your head right now before we get started ok?

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