“The Woman and the Cave”

We all have visions, why don’t we discuss them more?

“I inhaled the scent of myrrh flowing from the depths of the cave as I held up my torch to turn the corner. The sweet aroma that covered his shroud floated through the air, masking any stench of death and decay. My heart pounded louder and louder as I stood at the corner where the breach in the cave’s walls opened and I closed my eyes. I didn’t know what I was going to find. The stone was moved when we came here to his tomb. Who moved it? Was someone tending to his body on this day it was our turn? Did someone take him away? My God, what has happened here. . .”

When I wrote “The Woman and the Cave,” I did not expect the words that poured out so effortlessly. It was a vision; my eyes were closed as I was typing, and I didn’t really know what was happening. Before I hurriedly sat at my computer to type, I was busy doing other things. I was picking up the house, getting ready to make lunch and then get back to work. But you see, visions don’t come when WE want them to, nor when we ask them to, nor when it’s most convenient. I have experienced quite the opposite. And in discussions about my visions with clergy, my spiritual director, and my therapist, the fact that they come when they want to and not when I want them to, is the reason they all believe me that these visions are true and real.

But you see, visions don’t come when WE want them to, nor when we ask them to, nor when it’s most convenient.

So why is it that discussing visions has become so taboo? Why aren’t we, as Christians and spiritual people, having more open conversations about our visions and sharing them with others? The answer is simple: fear. There is fear in being that vulnerable, fear in people thinking we’re crazy, fear in a long history of mystical suppression, especially when it comes to women. I am here to say that I am sick of fear. I spent so much of my life living in fear of being judged by others and it was a darn waste. I don’t want to end my time on this earth not having shared my life’s experiences (and visions) and helping others open up to do the same. Friends, your visions are real. Stop living in fear of being judged about your visions from God. God didn’t give us visions in the first place for us to just suppress them as “crazy thoughts of a seemingly ill mind.” God gave us visions for us to SEE, for us to SHARE, and for us to learn and grow from.