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The Way of Love in Lent


The Way of Love is a road map for those who are trying to live their lives spreading the love of God in all that they do. We build this type of lifestyle with seven spiritual practices: Turn, Pray, Learn, Bless, Rest, Worship, and Go. These seven practices have the power to transform our lives as we grow closer and closer to a Christ centered way of being.

We are blessed at The Hive to be joining with some wonderful partners (including The Episcopal Church) to bring you a series of resources that will help you dive deeper into the Way of Love.

Here’s what you can find here:

  • A series of videos hosted by The Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining and produced by the Episcopal Church that walk you through a study of each practice centered around the rich readings from the Easter Vigil (the curriculum can be found here.)

  • A series of sermons and sermon notes prepared by dynamic preachers that center on each one of the practices.

  • A series of Hive Cast episodes with different experts in the fields of each of the practices.

  • A community of others Walking the Way of love on our social media groups.

We hope this series enriches your journey this holy season as you walk the way of love.

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The Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining

Kristen Wheeler 03.jpg

Hillary currently serves as the first woman Rector of St. Christopher's Episcopal Church in Gladwyne, PA. She teaches both on The Hive as well as seminary classes and is a sought after retreat leader. As a writer, Raining has published in both academia and ecclesia. She is the author of Joy in Confession and co-author with Amy Dolan of Faith with a Twist. She holds a B.A. with honors in Religion and Psychology from Moravian College, a Masters of Divinity from Yale and the Institute of Sacred Music and is a graduate from Drew University with a Doctorate in Ministry. Raining is also a yoga teacher, bee keeper, and environmentalist.

To learn more about Hillary, visit her personal website here.

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