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Springtime with Scripture

Biblical Characters Who Enliven Our Lives of Faith


This academic, creative, and fun Bible study invites participants to learn about a different biblical character each week: a woman (Hagar), a man (Joseph), a child (the Israelite slave girl), and a non-binary person (Ebed-melech, a eunuch). We will explore the text through the lens of intersectional criticism that recognizes various layers of identity. Students will be asked to read the relevant biblical text (usually a chapter or two) in advance of each class. We will then engage the story on a deeper level together, looking at intriguing questions of context, characterization, and translation. Our informed understanding of these characters will enrich our connection to them and each other. Together our increased knowledge of these characters will add to our own self-awareness and invite us to grow in faith.

4 Live Classes on Zoom on Mondays from 10:00AM-11:00AM (ET), April 22nd - May 13th, 2024

Can't make it in-person? No problem! Replays will be posted to the course page in Membership within a few days of each session.

Starts April 22nd, 2024

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The Rev. Dr. Julie Faith Parker

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The Rev. Dr. Julie Faith Parker is an Old Testament scholar who holds a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible from Yale University. Currently the Biblical Scholar in Residence at Marble Collegiate Church and a Visiting Scholar at Union Theological Seminary, she has taught at both seminaries and colleges (including Yale Divinity School, Colby College, and General Theological Seminary). She has published many scholarly articles and eight books, including, most recently, Eve Isn't Evil: Feminist Readings of the Bible to Upend Our Assumptions.

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