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Cross-Pollinating, Beekeeping, Spirituality, and Community

Guest Episode: Coffee Hour at the Commons Episode 70

This special episode comes from the feed of the podcast Coffee Hour at the Commons.

The Rev. Dr. Hillary is the Rector of St. Christopher's Church in Gladwyne, PA. and author of Joy in Confession by Forward Movement. She has also developed an online wellness and spirituality communality called The Hive, including a podcast with her husband called The Hive Cast. Currently, Hillary serves as the President of the Standing Committee of Dio Pa and a General Convention Deputy for the Diocese of Pennsylvania. She has traveled extensively preaching and leading educational and spiritual events in a variety of topics and settings. Such topics include: Reconciliation, yoga, liturgical studies, building Christian community, meditation, retreats, bee-keeping, parenting, and the Daring Way. She is the proud mother of Delia and wife of Ken.

To learn more about the podcast Coffee Hour at the Commons click here.


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