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Mudhouse Sabbath - 3/26: Zaken/Aging

This year we are reading Lauren F. Winner's book, "Mudhouse Sabbath"

Each chapter explains and discusses a Jewish practice we could all benefit from, regardless of our religion.

Join us at 4PM EST Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Facebook group (see link below) through Lent to join the discussion!

3/12: Hospitality

3/17: Prayer

3/19: Body

3/24: Fasting

3/26: Aging

3/31: Candle-lighting

4/2: Weddings

4/7: Doorposts

4/9: Wrap-up

We will also be posting a comment thread in the Facebook group, on Instagram, and on Twitter, so make sure to follow each so you don't miss a thing!

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