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Prayer Course - Week 1

Join Rev. Rebecca Wicker continuing the discussion on prayer from a previous Facebook Live session:

  • Who are some of the first people that you remember offering up prayer? What was it like?

  • Does prayer come easily to you? Why or why not? (And sometimes, there are a lot of factors for this!)

  • Do you have any favorite resources for prayer? What are they?

Course Outline

  • Week 1 - Introduction and Facebook LIVE replay (Thursday, August 26th)

  • Week 2 - Discussion 1: Written Prayers, Extemporaneous Prayers

  • Week 3 - Practical 1: Establishing a Routine: Making Regular Time and Space for Prayer

  • Week 4 - Discussion 2: Prayer in Community, Praying Individually

  • Week 5 - Practical 2: Prayer Around the Cross

  • Week 6 - Discussion 3: Thanksgivings and Laments

  • Week 7 - Practical 3: The Examen

  • Week 8 - Discussion 4: Listening and Discerning

  • Week 9 - Practical 4: Labyrinth, Prayer as a Journey

  • Week 10 - Wrap-Up

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