Way of Love - Bless - Sermon Notes

How To Bless God Even When You Feel Like You’re Stuck In a Pigsty

By Whitney Rice

This sermon is part of a seven-week preaching series on the Way of Love during Lent, Year C and focuses on the gospel lesson for Lent 3. This week’s practice is BLESS

Our practice of blessing comes at a key point in our journey through the Way

of Love. As we build our Rule of Life, we ask to be conformed to the Mind of

Christ, so that we might be ever more able to live faithfully as the Body of Christ.

And part of that process is taking on some of the characteristics of God—as lofty

and intimidating as that might sound at first! We usually think of asking God to

bless us. But in the Way of Love, God is asking us to bless the world. And all of

our spiritual practices make us ready to say yes to that calling.

Many of us might feel pretty inadequate to take on something as big as

blessing the world. In that, we hav