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Where to Begin

New to The Hive and not sure where to begin?

We recommend starting with our signature 3-course program called 

The Spiritual Healing Journey

This program is available to both members of The Hive's Membership Community and also as a single purchase.

Check out the trailer below to learn more.

We are living through a time of sustained trauma.


With so many things happening in the world and in our personal lives, we all need to be attentive to our spiritual health. As the expression goes, "your trauma is not your fault, but your healing is your opportunity."


Here at The Hive, we wanted to give you some of our most powerful courses for healing packaged together in a step-by-step process for deep transformation and growth. In these classes you will be given tools and guidance for the journey towards integration following the Spirit’s call for you to truly live. You will learn how to establish a mindfulness process, give hope to grief, and find transformation in your trauma. None of these are “quick fixes” which is why you will be given several months to work with these programs. In this course you will find time-tested wisdom and tools you can use and continue to return to. 

Praise from the three parts of this course:


"I've struggled with developing a consistent practice of meditation before this course and now I'm on my way to making it a daily habit!"

-A. M.

"I really and truly appreciated this course. I also appreciated that the definition of loss wasn't limited to the death of a person but expanded to include the loss of a marriage, loss of job, loss of friendship, etc. I felt supported by the instructor and group. It helped me let go of my loss (and guilt) and was a very sacred experience."

- Jennifer


"My mother died during COVID and I had not been able to visit her in the nursing home for nearly a year before her death. This group process helped me to say good-bye when no funeral was possible, and allowed me to see the relationship with clarity. I felt healing and release throughout the course, culminating with a ritual that felt like closure during the final meeting."

-B. Cox

"This course has been a honest, intense, experience in confronting grief. A refreshing experience in dealing with this most universal of human emotion and behaviors. Thank you!"

- P. Schofield

"This class gave me the tools I need to continue to address and heal from past traumas."

- P.D.

"Trauma imprisons us in an endless cycle of suffering. This course is a masterclass in healing the suffering. Taught from the perspective of the seven chakras - or energy centers - of the body, this course provides context and tools to continue the journey of healing."

- P. S.

The course duration is self-paced with a maximum of 30 weeks to complete. It is available for single purchase (Get Started Course for $100) and for members of The Hive's Membership Community (monthly subscription). You are welcome to finish this course in less than 30 weeks.

Ready to begin your journey?
Choose your plan below!

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