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Embodied Faith

Crafting Your Rule of Life through Somatic Wisdom


In a world where our lives are often fragmented and disconnected, "Embodied Faith: Crafting Your Rule of Life Through Somatic Wisdom" invites you on a transformative journey towards wholeness and integration. This six-week course offers a unique blend of spiritual formation and somatic practices, guiding you to create a Rule of Life that is deeply rooted in the wisdom of both your mind and body.

Throughout this course, we will explore how our faith can be experienced and expressed not just through our thoughts and beliefs but also through our physical senses, emotions, and embodied actions. Each week, we will delve into different aspects of our being, discovering how God's presence and guidance can be felt and understood through our whole selves.

Starts Monday, July 22nd, 2024

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Alicia Divers, M.A.

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Alicia Divers is a trauma-informed Somatic Spiritual Director and Somatic Coach who uses a body-soul-based approach to support your spiritual journey, cultivating embodied wisdom for an awakened and purposeful life.  My mission is to guide you to slow down, nurture a meaningful presence, expand your capacity to feel emotions and reclaim transformational choice, freedom, and wholeness.

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