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Playing with art during Lent


For the forty days of Lent, come be frivolous with art!

Follow along with instructional videos pairing art

practices with daily meditations:

  • Watercolor

  • Acrylics without Brushes

  • Clay Modeling

  • Sketching

Included with each video will be optional additional scripture

readings and music to listen to while you are skylarking.

Full Course Available Now

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Ellyn Siftar

Kristen Wheeler 03.jpg

Ellyn Siftar has been wondering about God and nature since as far back as her memory reaches: sometimes in apple trees, other times around a camp fire, and sometimes with music.  Inside or outside, with church friends or scientists, awe and wonder for the world around her (both seen and unseen) connects her to source.

When she is not running around trying keep up with her four children and husband in urban Pennsylvania, she can be found hiking, making art, or reading in a tree.

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