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Women of the Hebrew Testament

What have we misunderstood?


This intriguing series investigates some of the most influential--yet often neglected--people in the Bible. 

Each session takes a deeply theological look at the powerful witness that these complex women have given us through the years. 

You many never look at them the same again!

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The Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining

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Hillary currently serves as the first woman Rector of St. Christopher's Episcopal Church in Gladwyne, PA. She teaches both on The Hive as well as seminary classes and is a sought after retreat leader. As a writer, Raining has published in both academia and ecclesia. She is the author of Joy in Confession and co-author with Amy Dolan of Faith with a Twist. She holds a B.A. with honors in Religion and Psychology from Moravian College, a Masters of Divinity from Yale and the Institute of Sacred Music and is a graduate from Drew University with a Doctorate in Ministry. Raining is also a yoga teacher, bee keeper, and environmentalist.

To learn more about Hillary, visit her personal website here.

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