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Course Video Clips

Picture of Dr. Raining

Peter in the womb of transformation

Picture of Hillary Raining

We can be learned and trained on forgiveness

Picture of Hillary Raining

Letting everything go

Picture of Dr. Raining

Being listened to with deep intention

Picture of Dr. Raining

How we misunderstand "sinning"

Picture of Dr. Raining

Why you should take this course

Picture of The Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining

What Does a Less Patriarchal View of Christianity Look Like?

Picture of Hillary Raining

The role fear plays in our current version of Christianity

Picture of a stack of rocks

Is there such a thing as a "bad question"?

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Picture of Hillary

Why We Need a New Vision for Christianity

Screenshot of the Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining

Discover Hive Christianity for Your Spiritual Illumination: A New Vision for Spiritual Practice

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