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May Artist in Residence - Angela Yarber

Each week we've been building--sketching, coloring, and creative writing--and now we're ready to put it all together in a painting!

It's your FINAL creative assignment with me as your Artist in Residence for May. And I couldn't be more excited! If you've used my Step-by-Step Sketching Guide and Creative Writing Exercise for penning the "cry of your heart" earlier this month, take those out to guide you in this Intentional Painting Process.

Today you're painting the revolutionary woman within as a holy woman icon!

Use the Intentional Painting Process Guide below, along with these images of the painting and sketching process to guide you in creating your icon. I've also included a finished holy woman icon to offer a window into the final version.

Break out those paints, subversive sister saints! I can't wait to see what you create...

Intentional Painting Process Step-by-Step Guide: Layering the Canvas to Create the Revolutionary Woman Within

1. Paint words that indicate your intention on the canvas. 2. Paint your “soulscape” over the words, covering every inch of the canvas in color, symbol, and design. Keep as much texture out of this background as possible because you’ll be painting on top of it. 3. Use my step-by-step sketch guide to draw the revolutionary woman within on top of the dried soulscape. Draw first with pencil, then trace over the pencil with black or brown paint. 4. Paint the heart.

5. Begin to fill in shades of skin on the face and arms. Mix very dark brown with your base skin color to add shadow. Mix white with your base skin color to add highlights. 6. Paint your hair, hat, or scarf on your head. Go wild. 7. Paint the body or dress. 8. Fill in details. Retrace the facial portion of your sketch with black paint. Add lashes. 9. Add any additional design, symbol, or color. Then add a metallic wash (light brush strokes with gold, silver, or bronze paint) as highlights on your skin. 10. Finally, write the cry of your heart on the heart!

Love and Aloha from Hawai'i Island, Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber


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