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Where the Good Way Lies


There's a lot to unpack from this verse in the sixth chapter of Jeremiah that stands isolated against the surrounding verses which are quite heavily laden with admonition from the prophet against those who are out of right relationship with God and the community.

•The crossroads bring to mind those places of decision or change in our lives or the life of our communities - pivotal moments which challenge us.

•The ancient paths are those tried and true ways of being in relationship with God and others - often our spiritual practices are types of these ancient paths. The labyrinth is certainly a perfect example of an ancient path that can symbolically represent our inner and/or community journey.

•And what is the result of choosing to journey in the Good Way? Rest for the soul. This way is not necessarily the easy way, however, it is the way that leads to wholeness.

What does this verse bring up for you?

-What are some crossroads you have or are encountering?

-What are the ancient paths you walk in the Good Way?

-What does rest for the soul feel like for you?

I hope your labyrinth experience is going well.


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