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What does it mean to pray with our whole bodies?


What does Pentecost teach us about what it means to be a people of prayer and pilgrimage?


Join us for a look at using the five senses to pray, inspired by a recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land. This class can be used as a contemplative practice during the season of Pentecost or be adaptive to make your summer travels a holy moment of pilgrimage and we lean into our Incarnational theology and encounter God through embodied prayer.

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Schedule & Available Classes

Graphic of the Holy Spirit

One Body

Getting to know the Body of Christ

Graphic of a sprout

Reflection Week

A week for reflection

Graphic of an eye

The Gift of Sight

Looking for God in Unexpected Places

Graphic of sound waves

Listening for the Spirit

What does God sound like in the mouths of others?

Graphic of a loaf of bread

Taste and See

Breading bread and mending connections