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Artist in Residence - Crafting a Vision for "Blankets for Berries"

Hello all from your October artist in residence! I apologize for the delay in this week's post. My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on the 16th. We celebrated by going to San Diego and participating in a basic falconry lesson. The hawk in the photos is a Harris Hawk and her name is Steam. We also watched the sunset over the Pacific Saturday evening.

I took some time to relax yesterday but got back to it today. I am using Lion Brand I Wanna Make a Blankie yarn. I'm following the crochet pattern that comes with the yarn. I love using chunky super soft yarn when making survivor blankets/lapghans.

Now, as with any organization/business I feel it is important to have a mission, vision, and values. Below is my rough draft versions of what I envision when I think about what I want Blankets for Berries to be and represent.

Mission: Our mission is to provide handmade blankets to brain aneurysm and stroke survivors. Our goal is to provide comfort and support to survivors while they navigate a difficult period of transition and healing.

Vision: We strive to create a world where brain aneurysm and stroke survivors know they are loved, and they are not alone. We recognize the work of caregivers. We honor the loved ones of those who have lost someone. We love all, treat all with kindness, and have fervent hope for their continued improvement and strength.

Core Values: Love, Kindness, and Hope.

It's difficult being a survivor. I truly feel blessed because I have few deficits from my rupture. I also had family and friends who supported and continue to support me. Many people lose friendships and family because people can't or don't understand them. It's another of the reasons I feel so passionate about making blankets for survivors. No one should feel alone after experiencing such a trauma.

- Amanda

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