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Artist in Residence - Leaving a Legacy

Good evening from your Artist in Residence! I'm about halfway through the blanket. Next week we'll wrap up my time as the artist in residence for The Hive.

Lately, I've been thinking about hope and legacy. As followers of Jesus we know He is our hope and our firm foundation. But I heard a quote about art and hope the other day that really jumped out.

“Art is the highest form of hope." -Gerhard Richter

I think of it a little differently than someone else might. But when you think about any kind of art, it's someone leaving a piece of themselves behind. We're putting something out into the world that once released, no longer belongs to us. Each person who interprets that piece of art will bring their own experiences to the piece that may result in a different interpretation than the artist intended.

But art is also a legacy. And most people want to leave a legacy, something we're remembered for, an impact we've had on the world. Many people think of children when they think of a legacy.

Legacy and impact look different when children aren't in the cards for you. And for many who are childless not by choice they struggle to find or understand what their purpose is in the world this seems to be especially true for women.

So how does art and being CNBC tie together?

Blankets for Berries allows me to bring hope to people going through a unique and difficult experience through my craft. It allows me to quietly minister to those in need and is a way of recognizing and being mindful of the bigger world.

We can all impact the world around us. We can all leave a legacy. And I think some of the most impactful legacies are the ones that also offer us hope.

- Amanda

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