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Artist in Residence - "I Wanna Make a Blanket"

Hello all!

Above is a blanket I made from Lion Brand's I Wanna Make A Blankie yarn. I have another cake in this same color that I will be making during my month as your artist in residence.

I hadn't worked with this particular yarn yet so I wanted to use the pattern it came with to test it out. It is a corner to corner (C2C) pattern and makes a nice lap blanket.

I goofed in the beginning but it's okay. I'm not perfect. My errors don't take away from the comfort the blanket provides. And who doesn't love a soft homemade blanket?

Often we are hardest on ourselves. But I think about it in terms of people. We are not perfect but we are created by God. His love and grace knows no bounds. Embracing our imperfections is an act of love and kindness to ourselves. I try to show myself this same grace when my blankets may not be perfect.

I always say some prayers as I am making a blanket. I typically don't know who it is going to but I always pray for their health, continued recovery, and strength. Brain injury recovery is often talked about in years and not weeks or months.

Next week I'll be sharing more in progress photos as I work through the next blanket. I haven't decided if I am going to do a C2C again or work a different pattern but I look forward to sharing it with you!

- Amanda

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