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Escaping the Body

“When I was drinking, I was not intentionally trying to escape my body, but I was always running from it for so many reasons. Whether it was the day to day issues, the eating disorders, the chronic migraines--whatever it was, I was ignoring those challenges in my body that deserve my compassionate attention because I was too numb to my body to really feel them past the initial pain, which always served as a trigger. I woke in the morning to find bruises I couldn’t remember, and the assumption that I must have bumped into an end table on my way to the refrigerator for a refill. I didn’t even feel their pain anymore, but I bore witness to the injury.”

--The Rev. Erin Jean Warde, from Discerning Sobriety

Questions for reflection & discussion:

What are the challenges that make you feel like you need to escape your body?

What are some practical ways we can show our bodies compassion and presence?


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