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Connection with the Body

Hello Hive Community!

I’m Erin Jean Warde (she/her) and I’m a priest, spiritual director, recovery coach, and writer. I am sober, but I work with people in different stages of sobriety or sober curiosity. I try to help people integrate spirituality and mindfulness into their relationship with alcohol, regardless of the outcome, through my coaching and course + community, Discerning Sobriety.

For the month of December, I’ll be popping into The Hive's social media channels (links below) 3 times a week to offer some insights into broadening how we understand sobriety, recovery, and what it means for a person to change their relationship with alcohol. More so than just digging into sobriety, the concepts I share will be centered on self-care, so even if you aren’t looking into your drinking right now, the questions can still resonate and offer good journal prompts or questions to ponder in your time of prayer.

We’re especially doing this during December, because this month can be really hard on people regarding relationships with alcohol, regardless of whether a person wants to quit, if they want to change their relationship with alcohol, or if they just want to stay mindful about how they drink. It can also be a difficult season to practice self-compassion and gentleness with our own hearts. For me, the place to start is not so much with alcohol, but with how we are able to be present to our bodies.

Questions for reflection & discussion:

How are you feeling disconnected from your body? How are you feeling connected to your body?


  • Join in on the discussion on The Hive's Facebook Group

  • Follow along on The Hive's Instagram

  • Explore Erin Jean Warde’s website to learn more about her work.

  • Look through the Discerning Sobriety website to read about the course + community.

  • Browse the Discerning Sobriety course website to look at the lessons covered in the course and sign up for the January cohort.

  • Have questions about the course? Use the Contact Form on the DS website to reach out to Erin Jean.


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