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The Role of the Examen

Try praying the Examen. This is one of my favorite ways to check in with myself: mind, body, and soul. The Examen became so foundational for me in early recovery that it is the prayerful backbone of my course.

I love the Morning Examen from Andy Otto! I love this because it is recorded and I can receive it like a guided meditation, but you can try another form of the Examen if you have one you prefer. If you’re wanting to become more mindful about your relationship with alcohol, I encourage you to let yourself focus the reflection on not just your desires, but your desires for your relationship with alcohol. There are different forms of the Examen, because it is highly adaptable, and there is no right or wrong form to choose.

Questions for reflection & discussion:

How can you trust the desires and stirrings of your soul today?


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