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Feeling Festive?

How to Care for Yourself through the Holidays & Non-Alcoholic Beverages to Share

Today, I want to share with you a resource I made for people who are:

  • trying to stay sober during the holidays

  • trying to change their relationship with alcohol during the holidays

  • hosting events and want to make sure they are hospitable to people who are not drinking

It also includes my review of the festive options at Trader Joe’s and a few easy mocktail recipes you can have on hand if you’re hosting and don’t live close to a Trader Joe’s. I hope it gives you some practical wisdom as you prepare for the joys and challenges that might be in front of you next week!

  • Tips on hosting with compassion for people who don't drink or are drinking mindfully

  • How to care for yourself if you're staying sober

  • How to stay mindful if you're drinking for the holidays

  • Reviews of the seasonal Trader Joe's Drinks!

  • Recipes for NA beverages with ingredients you're likely able to find anywhere


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