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Post-Holiday Care

This week I want us to think about how to care for ourselves after a long week. Whenever I’m preparing for something, I tend to think specifically about what’s in front of me. But my therapist once gave me this nugget of wisdom and I love it. She mentioned that I could probably make it through a triggering situation, or longer term time of stress and be okay, but she especially cautioned me to be mindful about how I would feel after. Days after. She told me to have some resources ready to care for myself the week following the possibly difficult event or tiring week. I encourage you to have some ways to care for yourself ready for this week, as last week and weeks prior might have built up for you into some residual stress. It’s also important to remember that with NYE later this week, there might be more plans left to attend, so this can serve as a nourishing pause amidst a busy time.

What do you feel like today, after a possibly long week last week? What are some ways you can pause this week to give your mind, body, and soul the space you might not have received last week?


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