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The Rev. Erin Jean Warde (she/her) is an Episcopal priest, spiritual director, recovery coach, and writer. She is the author of Awakening in Sobriety with Brazos Press (coming out April 2023). She is the founder of Discerning Sobriety, a course and upcoming community that helps people integrate spirituality and discernment practices into their relationships with alcohol.  You can learn more about Discerning Sobriety and take the course by clicking below. She offers recovery coaching for people who either want to quit drinking or who want to change their relationship with alcohol in any way.  On her website you can access resources, sign up for her newsletter, and work with her as a recovery coach or spiritual director. She is a co-host for the Mocktail Hour podcast and you can explore show notes, a full transcript, and listen to episodes on the Mocktail Hour website. 

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Discerning Sobriety - December 2021 

Starting December 6th, throughout the month The Rev. Erin Jean Warde (she/her) will be offering short reflections and questions on The Hive's Facebook and Instagram channels to broaden how we understand sobriety, recovery, and what it means for a person to change their relationship with alcohol.  More so than just digging into sobriety, the concepts she shares will be centered on self-care, so even if you aren’t looking into your drinking right now, the questions can still resonate and offer good journal prompts or questions to ponder in your time of prayer. This series is for everyone, not just people in recovery or considering getting sober.  While Erin is sober, she works with people in different stages of sobriety or sober curiosity.  Her vocation is centered around helping people integrate spirituality and mindfulness into their relationship with alcohol, regardless of the outcome, through coaching, her course Discerning Sobriety, and the accompanying Discerning Sobriety community (which launches January 2022).

The next cohort of the full Discerning Sobriety course begins January 3, 2022. If you have been thinking about doing a Dry January consider doing Dry January alongside this course as a way to bring spirituality and practices into that month.  The Hive community is getting 20% off the course using the discount code HIVE20.  You’ll get a taste of what the course is like through this series from the Hive and we hope it can help you discern if this course is right for you. Just like the series here, for the full Discerning Sobriety course there is no requirement of sobriety or a desire to get sober to do this course; this is for anyone who wants to bring mindfulness into their relationship with alcohol.

For Instagram: You can find all the links you need to explore Erin Jean’s work, and the suggested materials for this series, via our Linktree which is linked in bio. If you have questions, ask away and Erin will gather them up throughout the month and answer any questions not covered in the series via a special post at the close of the month!

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